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HMS EVO Locking Carabiner
Anodized Red finish

The perfect Pear shaped, all-round work-horse carabiner for belaying, anchoring, hitches, rigging etc.  Features keylock gate with screw lock closure. Brand:  AustriAlpin USA. 


CE / UIAA / EN12775

90 grams / 24 kN

Made in Austria

Skywalk Crampons

Killer price on these new 10 point mountain trekking crampons by AustriAlpin. Step in, Combi, or Concept bindings available.

Climbing Magazine Review

Brand: AustriAlpin USA
CE certified 
689 grams
Made in Austria

Please note binding style desired when ordering

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Slack Line Starter Kit (10 meter)

Everything you need to set up a safe and professional slack-line in your own back yard, climbing gym or office!   Kit comes complete with high tension rachet, reinforced double tubular webbing, tree protectors, anchor points, carabiner, and carry bag.


Brand:  AustriAlpin USA

Made in Austria.

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Universal Climbing Helmet

Features quad ventilation, dual head circumference & chin strap adjusters.  One size fits all design.  Uses Polystyrene insert with plush closed cell foam internal padding.   Front and rear head lamp attachment points.  


Brand:  Roc Enterprises

CE / UIAA Made in Italy.

ELEVEN series - quickdraw sets

The beautifully crafted "Eleven" carabiners have an unprecedented 11kN "open gate" load / strength rating.  They also feature a thinner cross sectional design, keylock gate, and vogue anodizing. Set included bent and straight gates with 11cm sling.   

Brand: AustriAlpin USA
CE / UIAA / EN12275
109grams / 25 kN
Made in Austria

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OVALO series carabiners

"A Standing Ovation!", says Climbing Magazine (click here to read article)


Thinner, lighter, stronger... the classic oval radically reinvented. They  feature thin profile "I-Beam" technology (re:  easier movement / rotation in hangers, pitons, hardware etc), keylock gate, and eye-candy anodizing.   Available in wire gate, regular straight gate, screw lock and autolock models


Brand: AustriAlpin USA

CE / UIAA / EN12275

49grams and up

Made in Austria

$4.95 and up
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Regular Gate - $4.95

Wire Gate: $4.95

Screwlock: $6.95

Autolock: $7.95

HU.go Ice Climbing Tools


The most revolutionary ice climbing tool on the market today!  The patented HU.go allows you adjust the pick angle to any of 4 positions for everything from  gentle slab ice to steeply overhanging mixed routes.  It also features pinky shelf and adjustable hand grip to fit all grip sizes.   With its "no tools" adjustment and interchangeable pick system you can change the pick or just its angle to meet your needs while totally on the fly.

$129.95 each
Si-Ko FX
Ice Screws

ice screws

Rapid Deployment Ice Screws feature 4point extreme cutting face (turns any ice into soft butter), rapid crank handle, and the clip point even seconds as bottle opener! Available in 11cm, 17cm and 21cm sizes.  Please make note of size selection when placing order.

ice screw